Niri is an innovator in production
technology and business models
for land based fish farming
established in 2006

Niri’s mission is to become a leading producer of high-quality seafood on land at a very competitive cost. Niri is an environmentally responsible company as we convert all wastes from production to value enhanced products.

Niri was established in the autumn of 2006 by a small team of engineers and marine biologists with many years of hands-on experience in the aquaculture industry. The company’s main office is situated in Måløy, on the west coast of Norway, with test facility operations in Cork, Ireland in 2011.

Niri has developed an on-shore closed fish farming system that produces salmon and potentially other species at lower cost than conventional sea cage farming. The Niri facilities are easy to build and to operate as a result of years of research and testing. Given the containment of the farming system, medical treatment of the salmon is minimal; thus enabling production of biological salmon or tilapia with low levels of disease. Fresh fish from these production facilities will be delivered to EU and other markets at a competitive price, and with higher margins than fish from traditional sea cage facilities.

In 2012, Niri completed its R&D phase and is now pursuing a range of facility projects internationally. Some of these are centered around our subsidiaries in Ireland and Poland. Niri´s team is currently working out of Norway, Ireland and Poland, but engaged with project planning at a number of international locations.

The Niri technology and production concepts have been developed by founder Arve Gravdal over several years. Gravdal has over 20 years experience in the industry during which he has perfected production technologies. Gravdal is the largest stockholder in Niri AS in Norway and is a board member in Niri AS in Norway as well as the overall Chief Operating Officer. Furthermore, Niri has a dedicated team of specialists ranging from commercial development to operations management.

Norway, Måløy (Head Office)
                  Poland, Szczecin
                     Ireland, Cork