A flexible, cost-effective and
environmentally friendly production
concept that generates superior returns

Niri’s unique land based technology has been developed and tested over several years. Our production tanks come with fully integrated recirculation and filtration technologies that provide full control of the aquatic environment. This includes adapting water quality and temperature to various species or geographic locations. Niri technology can be used for both salt water and fresh water fish production. Our technological innovation has resulted in production costs significantly lower than existing alternatives.

Each tank is self-contained and takes 1-2 to days to set up. The standard size of production tanks is approximately 20 meters in diameter, producing about 450,000 kilos of fish. Tanks can be developed in different sizes depending on the application. Given that the tanks are self-contained with their own recirculation and filtering systems; it is easy to scale up a facility with more tanks over time. Niri has developed facility plans ranging from 3,300 tons up to 100,000 tons.

The main benefits of the production concept

  • 20-25 percent lower production cost of grown fish compared to sea cage production.
  • Moderate CAPEX levels given technology break-throughs and attractive financing solutions with the Norwegian government.
  • Very low cost to attain an operating license in many markets.
  • Reduced chance of exposure to sources of ocean based disease.
  • Fully contained individual tanks with recirculating technology preventing spreading of disease between tanks.
  • Reciculation flow with low energy consumption producing lean and healthy fish.
  • Full control and monitoring of water quality in each individual tank.
  • More efficient feed utilization.
  • Automatic capture of all sludge from production that can be harnesses for other value generating activities.
  • Environmentally friendly – no waste discharge into the sea, no fish escape and reduced need for medication of the fish.

Integrated Niri production concept

Integrated Niri production concept                 Click for large image

Main fish species