Our land based fish farming concept

Niri´s unique land based technology has been developed and tested over several years. Our production tanks come with fully integrated recirculation technologies and scalable production concepts. Production can thus be scaled up to multi-ton production of various fish species at a competitive cost at many geographic locations. Niri works with prospecting investors and partners in specialist disciplines to perform prefeasibility studies to evaluate sites and plant configurations aimed to optimise seafood production and achieve synergies with downstream services such as energy production and utilization of nutrients where possible.

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Harvesting of renewable energy

For every ton of produced fish there is a residual output of two tons of sludge. This sludge is high in energy and generates no value in traditional fish farming. Niri has developed a concept for integrated production of renewable energy from our sludge. We have thus turned a waste problem and cost factor into a revenue generating business activity that supplements fish production.

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NIRI Scotland Ltd,a pioneer in the development of Atlantic salmon Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology has now reached a major milestone. Having developed a facility in Machrihanish on the Kintyre peninsula in the West of Scotland to prove the NIRI RAS technology, the shareholders have taken the decision to offer the facility for sale. […]

The Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) predicts revenues of up to $125 billion a year from sustainable aquaculture projects by 2030. According to Fishfarmingexpert.com, recent investments in RAS aquaculture were among recent events that sparked the report. Follow the links to read the article on Fishfarmingexpert, a summary about the report at the BDSC, […]

Niri’s mission is to become a leading producer of high-quality seafood on land at a very competitive cost.
Niri is an environmentally responsible company that builds on ecological principles to develop aquaculture where wastes and by-products can be integrated with downstream systems such as energy production and algae farming.

Facts on fish farming