Niri is an innovator in production
technology and business models
for land based fish farming
established in 2006

Niri’s mission is to become a leading producer of high-quality seafood on land at competitive cost. Niri is an environmentally responsible company that builds on ecological principles to develop aquaculture where wastes and by-products can be integrated with downstream systems such as energy production and algae farming.

Niri was established in 2006 by a small team of engineers and marine biologists with many years of hands-on experience in the aquaculture industry. Led by the founder and former CEO, Arve Gravdal, the company set up a test facility in Cork, Ireland in 2011. In 2015 Niri proceeded to establish the world’s largest tank for salmon production under the auspices of Niri Scotland Ltd, at Machrihanish Airbase near Campbelltown in Scotland.

To prepare the company for industrial scale developments, a new board of directors, chaired by Mr Trond-Inge Kvernevik, was appointed in january 2017. The new board immediately begun work to prepare the company for the transition from an entrepreneurship- to commercial stage. In spring 2017, AH Holding acquired an 8% stake in Niri AS and in the summer of 2017 went on to announce plans for a 15.000 ton/year Niri RAS facility in Andenes, Norway. A collaboration was formed between Niri and Onshore Farming Solutions (OFS Norge AS) in june 2017, whereunder OFS will take lead in developing project opportunities for Niri in the Norwegian market. Niri handles development of project opportunities in foreign markets. A new COO with experience from commercial-scale RAS developments in Denmark and China was recruited in summer 2017 to strengthen the company’s transition from a predominantly R&D stage to an industrial one. In autumn 2017, Niri’s subsidiary Niri Scotland Ltd was appointed a new board of directors, chaired by Mr Gordon Boyle.

The company’s main office is situated in Måløy, which, with its location midway between Bergen and Ålesund on the west coast of Norway, lies centrally in one of the world’s foremost hubs for aquculture- and fisheries know-how.

Norway, Måløy (Head Office)
                  Poland, Szczecin
                     Ireland, Cork