Investor relations

Niri sees good expansion potentials for new facilities in the coming years based on interest and demand from various international locations. In February 2017, DNB Markets published a report that concluded that a tipping point is approaching where land-based RAS culture of fish will begin to grow and go mainstream. In August 2017, a report with similar conclusions was published by the Norwegian Technical and Science University, NTNU. Both sources cited increasing production costs and environmental problems, and generally great distance from production to markets associated with cage culture, while noting that production costs for land-based culture are decreasing and RAS technolgy is reaching maturity for industrial scale developments.

The current low costs for establishing land-based production licenses in many countries may change in the future. Selection of ideally situated production sites, near significant seafood markets, is important in order to realize the logistics benefits that land-based culture offer.

The Norwegian government offers attractive financing schemes for eligible companies abroad through its export finance systems.

Investors are welcome to contact Niri for more information about investment opportunities in Niri AS and/or directly in facility development projects.