Partnering with local investors and
industrial players opens up
opportunities for changing the game
in the food production industry

Niri’s main strategy is to develop production facilities through joint investment with local investors in various geographic locations. In such cases we establish a local legal entity for the production company with one or more investing parties. By doing this, we move production closer to the demand markets and thus create more cost effective production and distribution models.

Niri’s business concept supports the entire value chain of production from production of smolt / juveniles to final sales of the fish product in the market. Depending on the size and location of the facility, Niri can partner with local companies to achieve the most cost effective production model.
Business models
Alternatively, Niri may offer a licensing arrangement that includes a complete planning, construction and management support package. Licensing arrangements may also be established with synergy partners such as processing or biogas companies, alternatively local investors looking to develop fish production capacity.